Big Girl, 11" x 14", study, pencil on tinted paper

Adele, 8" x 10", pencil on paper (See the video of Dennis drawing this!) 

The Power and the Glory (composite of 2 scenes), 5" x 8" each, illustrations, Easton Press Limited Edition, pencil

General Gates, 5" x 6", illustration, American Heritage, pen and ink 

Planet of the Apes, 8" x 10", study for book cover, Easton Press Limited Edition, pencil

The Young Lions, 5" x 5", book chapter heading, Random House, pen and ink

It's Human Nature to Draw

It's possible that humans are hard-wired to make drawings. The images left on the walls of caves from the Stone Age are among the first signs that we were starting to develop as thinking beings. Even writing, which is considered one of the cornerstones of cultural growth, is a very stylized form of drawing.

Here are some samples of drawings and sketches that I've created over the years, including a studio sketch with a live model and drawings from photographs, such as from research material that I gathered to create "studies" for book covers and other jobs.  

When we draw, we use our hands and eyes in unison to record the things around us. Drawing can and should be simple, and yet, it often seems downright tricky and confounding.  In my opinion, it's easier to make a good painting than to create a good drawing -- but it’s a lot of fun to keep trying!

Visit my Drawing Lessons page for details on how to work with me in person or online to help sharpen your own drawing skills! If you are interested in purchasing a drawing lesson or a package of lessons, contact me!