Ed V., 24" x 32", oil on canvas

Lonnie G., 16" x 16", oil study on canvas

Linda R., 30" x 36", oil on canvas

Matt L., 24" x 30", oil on canvas

Lasting Art in an 'Insta-' World

Admit it. You visit a museum or someone's home, you spot a painted portrait on the wall, and you just have to look at it. You can’t help yourself. The piece invites you to ask, “Who is that?”

That is the marvelous thing about drawn or painted portraits: The eye is pulled into the frame in ways the photograph simply doesn’t. 

Portraits are "long-term" art, and in this increasingly hectic world of “selfies” and “insta-whatevers," that counts for something.  

The painted portrait is a unique collaboration between two people -- the "sitter" (the patron) and the artist, with the artist serving as a filter in presenting the patron to the world. And capable artists will filter out the things that don't count.

I invite your inquiries for commissions.